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Fleet Washing

Our extensive wash process is what sets us apart from the rest. It’s four simple steps: Soap, Brush, Rinse, Water Recovery. We brush everything, from the wheels of a box truck to the side rail of a trailer. Our fully-insured crews provide 24-hour service, bringing the truck washing directly to you. Superior Wash services some of the biggest names in the industry, washing thousands of vehicles per day. Our crews are equipped with industry-leading fleet washing equipment and use the latest water recovery systems to remove excess water from your job site. Superior Wash provides the highest quality service with the most affordable rates to meet your company’s needs.

Water Recovery

We use environmental washing techniques. Our proprietary recovery units have been EPA approved. During the course of each service the water generated during the wash process is collected. These recovery units remove the waste water and then the units are transported to our facilities and properly discharged. Superior Wash believes strongly in protecting our environment.

Spill Cleanup

  • 24 Hour Spill Response
  • Solid and Liquid Spills
  • One Time Service or Contracts Available
  • Water Disposal by a Fully Licensed Environmental Services Company